Agu Enyx Xtra jalakatted

21.50 € 29.90 €

Korralikud talvised jalatsikatted, paksust neopreenist (4 mm).

  • Vihma (vett hülgav) ja tuulekindel
  • sobib erinevatele clipless pedaalidele
  • helkivad elemendid
  • tagant luku ja takjakinnitusega
  • Tallaalune takjakinnitus ja tugevdatud ninaosa

XXXL suurus vastab tootja poolt 47+ suurusele, tegelikkuses sobib ka 44-47 suurusele saapale/kingale.

Windproof and water ressitant materials and a heavily reinforced tread area make the Agu Enyx overshoe suitable for all pedal systems and fitted with a full-length rear zip for easy fitting and removal.
Reinforced tread area
Windproof and water repellant materials
Fits all pedal systems
Full length rear zip.

Offering a litle bit more protection from the elements than the basic Enyx model then AGU Enyx xtra has become a firm favourite with our keenest cyclists. While they aren't guranteed to keep your feet bone dry during the heaviest downpours they do a great job of keeping light road spray off your feet. We love them for those days when the rain can't quite make its mind up.

“It all started because we love cycling. From childhood cycling around home. Then making first real bike trip to West-Estonia and islands, with backpack on shoulders...”