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Active winter in Tallinn 2022

a person riding a bicycle in the snow There’s plenty of things to do in Tallinn all year round. Some of them you can do only in winter. Here’s our suggestions!

Cycling tours and rent in Tallinn, winter mode
Yes, winter is suitable for riding too. City Bike rental and tours are open every day, 10-19.00. Available winter rental:
sporty MTB-s (snow studs)
Fat bikes (4-4.8 inch tires)
trekking bikes with snow studs.
E-MTB-s with 29 inch knobby tires (Bosch engines and 625 Wh batteries).

Rent 3 h between 7-15 EUR. Lock, helmet and lights are included.

Winter bicycle tour with coffee brake
We offer bicycle tours almost every day. In winter tours are conducted by our manager and avid cyclist Toomas. We start at 12:00 and the tour duration is 2.5-3 hours.
Winter clothing is recommended but in case you feel you do not have enough layers, we also have some jackets, gloves, neck warmers and overshoes.
Coffee break is included and sometimes we make a stop for brunch in one of the restaurants on the way. This will ensure that we don’t cycle more than 30 minutes in the cold, warm up indoors with some food and beverages and then continue.
Recommend to book the tour in advance, directly from our Website.

Old Town Ice rink
Easiest winter activity to experience in Old Town. All information from link above in English.

Winter swimming
This is a more and more popular Covid-19 activity. Will keep you healthy and energized.
Free way is to do it close to Linnahall pier. There are dozens of swimmers. Passing by with our bike tour we spot swimmers at 12-13.00, daily basis.
Great free place is in Noblessner. Swimming is free and safe 24/7, in case you want some sauna and place to change clothes, fee 5 EUR, check Nobla Sulps for opening hours.
It is next to popular IgluPark, combo of saunas, microhomes and microoffices.

I personally use a combo, swimming pool at Reval Spa Sports centre and ice cold pool, which is next to 40 degrees pool and saunas. Stay 5 seconds or 5 minutes. Proper dressing room, gym, cardio and pool, sauna area. One time fees 5 – 16 EUR – Open every day. Located in Old Town.

Cross-country skiing
Snow cannons and ski tractors in Tallinn based in Nõmme and Pirita. They also have ski rental and facilities for dressing and shower/sauna. In 2022 snow shortage is not a problem and proper classic and freestyle skiing tracks are available.

Nõmme Spordikeskus
– ski and boots rental for 2 hours 8 EUR
– changing room, storage and shower – 2.5 EUR

Pirita Spordikeskus
– ski and boots rental for 1 hour 4 EUR
– changing room, storage and shower – 2 EUR

Skiing (downhill and snowboarding)Best reading could be found from here, about all Estonia, including also Tallinn!

No bad weather, just bad clothing! And keep up the winter mood. Afterski is good to have some Baltic Porter or zip Vana Tallinn liqueur with coffee/black tea.