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Tartu 2024: European Capital of Culture

Get to know the “heart and soul” of Estonia.

Tartu will be in the spotlight in 2024 as the European Capital of Culture. The year will be packed with events showcasing the historical and cultural heritage of the second-biggest city in Estonia and the rest of South Estonia. Now is the time to visit, as even National Geographic Traveller is calling Tartu one of the 30 most exciting destinations to visit in 2024!

As one would expect from the perennial Estonian and current European Capital of Culture, Tartu’s cultural offerings are rich. There is a varied program of over 300 events throughout the year.

The general concept of the Tartu 2024 cultural program, The Art of Survival, is more relevant than ever before. This idea centers around three aspects related to the influence of art on the future of Europe — an environmentally friendly culture with an emphasis on real human interactions, strong communities, and survival skills.

Discover Tartu: the heart and soul of Estonia by bicycle

The city of Tartu has long been considered the not-so-secret cultural center of the country. Its tradition as a university town has always made it the intellectual focal point of Estonia. The city is defined by its urban green spaces, lively cafe culture, and the Emajõgi River that cuts the city in two.

We have created a self-guided Welcome to Tartu audio tour for all the bicycle lovers.
Take Your own bike or rent a bike from Tartu and experience Tartu on your own pace with our gps-triggered storyteller.
We have set out a route that will introduce you to various exciting places in Tartu. Ride at your own pace and visit the places that interest you the most.

Find the Welcome to Tartu self-guided audio tour on our website