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Estonian 2-Course Lunch Experience!


Feeling hungry? Estonian lunch menu with drink

You can enjoy our lunch menu after our Welcome To Tallinn Bike tour or book separately. Price for lunch is only 27 EUR per person, starts at 13:30, advanced bookings only!

According to a stereotype, Estonians (and Finns too, for that matter…) are one of the most antisocial people in the world. That one place, where the otherwise seemingly cold and distant Estonians open up, is the dining table. Food is meant to be shared and cherished, fresh cucumber salad and flavorful chanterelles passed around with lively conversation accompanying it.

Come join our local chefs from ToRe Toit after an informative stroll on bikes around the city, taste delectably fresh seasonal Estonian dishes and feel as if you are at home.

The main course and dessert are prepared just for You and served with explanations of what is on the plate and why Estonians love it.