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Bicycle transport and trains in Estonia

Balti Jaam

Trains are the easiest way to transport a bike in Estonia. You can reach larger towns in Estonia by train. On each train there are 10 designated spots for bikes, which can be found in the C-area of the train, marked with a bike symbol. Train station in Tallinn is small and cosy, easy to find your way. Only one state owned operator Elron.

C area

Most popular routes are Tallinn – Tartu – Valga and Tallinn – Rakvere – Narva. We are missing routes to Pärnu and to Haapsalu. The latter one is possible half way (Train Tallinn – Turba and then cycling straight 47 km to reach Haapsalu on former railroad embankment). This is also the longest bicycle road without car traffic in Estonia.

Find train schedules, routes and tickets on ELRON website.

From 2024 there are some positive changes on Elron trains. During the 2024 bicycle season (from April 1 to October 31), transporting bicycles is free on electric trains serving the westward direction, i.e., between Tallinn and Keila, Turba, Paldiski, Kloogaranna and on the Tallinn-Aegviidu line.

Additionally, bicycles can now be placed not only in the C-area but also near the entrances where previously only strollers were allowed. It is about electric trains serving the westward direction and the Tallinn-Aegviidu line, according to Elron’s Customer Service Manager Ardo Roosenberg.

Diesel trains on Tallinn-Rakvere-Narva route, Tallinn-Tartu – Valga and Tallinn-Rapla- Viljandi have 10 places for bicycles on C-area.

Tickets and prices

Travelling by train is not expensive and you have free wifi and charging on the train. No vending machines nor restaurants on the train. You are allowed to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Standard class tickets do not guarantee seat, meaning no seat numbers on standard class. Only in First class.

  • it is roughly 0.07 EUR per km on the train.
  • buying a ticket online makes the ticket 15% cheaper. Tallinn – Aegviidu train 60 km is 4.1 EUR (3.49 online). Travel time 39-50 min, depending from regular to Express trains.
  • express trains costs approx. 20% more.
  • first class tickets costs 30% more than regular.
  • bicycle tickets on diesel trains cost approx. 30% of standard class ticket price. Maximum 4 bicycles could be reserved online, although there will be at least 10 places available!

ELRON Ticket information

ELRON bicycle ticket prices

Indication of train departure popularity are bicycle symbols next to departure.
– Green bicycle – most likely not crowded and most likely easy to travel by bicycle
– Yellow bicycle – So-so
– Red bicycle – most likely crowded.

Check also Elron frequently asked questions sections for more details.

Our hints and practice

  • buy ticket online and reserve a bicycle ticket (only on diesel trains). Even if the Red bicycle sign is on the departure. Indication of 4 bookable places is visible.
  • from 2024 electric trains have up to 20 places for bicycles. But you do not know how many of them are free and you can not book them in advance.
  • arrive at the station 15 minutes before train departure to ensure you are among first passengers to onboard with your bicycle (applies starting station).
  • on the train you have to be able to lift your bicycle to the hook (remove luggage). If you have carbon rims, recommend to use soft material between the hook and rim!
  • on-board staff is helpful and you can buy tickets from them (cash or card). Every entrance also has a ticket machine.