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Free luggage storage at City Bike Tallinn

Travellers renting bikes at our place can store their luggage in our office for free. Yes, no extra charge. It doesn’t matter if you rent the bicycle for 3 hours or for 3 weeks. Entire rental period we keep your luggage for free.
It is also logical as while the bike you are riding we have an empty place in our office and your luggage is welcome.

a microwave oven sitting on top of a suitcase

If my rental is ending at a different location?
We also have courier service and can send your luggage to Pärnu, Kuressaare, Tartu, Riga ect. Cost for 1 bag, storage at our place and courier service to your hotel at final destination is 35 EUR.

If you do not want to rent a bike!
You can still keep your luggage in our place. Then we charge 1 EUR per bag per hour or max 5 EUR per day (10-19:00). And no extra charges for booking or handling your luggage.

Can I book my luggage at App service providers like Luggage Hero or Bounce?
Indeed you can book our luggage storage also at those apps. Be aware that then we will receive less than half of the money you pay online and service is still the same. Apps are great but they charge you all kinds of extra service fees per bookings. Sometimes if you want to cancel no refunds and extra hassle.

At City Bike Tallinn you can just walk in, use the toilet, order coffee or buy a bottle of water. Look around and you might also find some cute cycling souvenirs or accessories. Office location, Vene 33, is just 500 metres from main square, you can also arrive by car and the car can stop next to our office door.